*Foothills Fascinating Moment
2003 Section C Cob mare
Measures out 12.2 with bare trimmed feet, but feels and rides much bigger. 
 Full sister to our 13.1 *Foothills Live for the Moment.   $5,500 
May 7th: Fancy's traveled to Sara Bosch's Myrewyn Equestrian for a brush-up, where she is doing well! Look for new video and show results soon.

April 6th, 2010: Fancy's here. And wow, is she sweet! Took her right out of the trailer after about 3 hours and a rough curvy trip and asked her to work for someone she didn't know, in a new place and with new horses being idiots next to her. She was WONDERFUL. Photos are from our impromptu work session and show her relaxation and obedience. But that grass sure looked goooood......

She goes on contact or loose rein, is light to the reins and legs but steady and not flighty. 
Everything a pony should be! Willing, will go off of voice commands, light stop (have to work on that, actually - she'll do a sliding stop if you lean forward or ask too hard! What a good girl) plus a pretty package with great legs. Sound, no vices, sweet manners. She's got a sane mind, talent, training and looks!  These ones are hard to find...

 We put her over a 2' vertical bar today, we'll be increase the height and questions and see how she manages a course soon!  She then was willing to step of cross-rails gently with Kathryn on her back.  She is kind and polite toward children on or off her back. Ridden in 
French Link Snaffle.

She can pack a beginner as well as take a child up through the levels and be competitive after a 1st pony is usually outgrown.  
06-07-2010:   I lunged Fancy over a variety of jumps and it seemed like she increased her enjoyment after each pass. I think she caught a glimmer of understanding it's not just obedience, but something of a game! We did a mini-cord-wood jump, a simple 4" curved log, and the most gosh-awful contraption composed of safe large molded plastic kid's toys with a purple 2' kid's ride-on big sled thing in the middle, a play kitchen on one end and a slide on the other. If that doesn't scare her, I don't know what would, but it seemed to be her favorite jump!  I am not pushing her height yet, giving her a few days working up, but she easily trotted a 2' vertical. Tight knees and willing attitude.

Video and more jumping info coming.

Trail riding photo credit M. C.

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copyright 2010 Elijah Park